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This 90 minute workshop is the perfect way to begin exploring your own unique version of sexy. Feel good, feel free and in your body through loads of sensual floorwork, wallwork and music exploration. 

It's a chance to play and explore a part of ourselves we don't regularly express for ourselves! It's a chance to release the labels we hold (wife, partner, mother, sister, daughter, CEO, executive, administrator, entrepreneur, and all of the other labels we hold...), get in touch with our bodies and come together as women to celebrate our sensual feminine power.

Alissa’s class was an amazing and unique experience! Being able to move freely and comfortably in such an awesome space really allowed me to unwind and get in a good work out. Her instruction was impeccable, teaching me new and impressive ways to express my movements, while also offering alternatives for flair and alternatives when my body just couldn’t do it. To anyone who is looking to try something new, exciting, refreshing and vibrant, I definitely recommend Alissa’s class! She will introduce you to dance in a fun, comforting and safe way!

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