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This two hour workshop or party will get you out of your head and into your body with loads of sensual floorwork, fun strips and yes, the chance to do a solo (lap)dance, where you get to express YOU in all your sensual power. Perfect for groups or bachelorette parties, you'll have fun and uncover (or reclaim) your own unique version of sexy. 

For me, lapdance isn't really about another person other than you.  It's about you expressing how you feel in the moment, how the music makes your body want to move, and the chance to just be you and all of you. Rather than it being about turning the other person on, I see it as a chance to turn yourself on and turning yourself on into all of your greatness; if you choose to dance for someone else, they are privileged to witness you stepping fully into your power and owning it. 

women dancing at sunset
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